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With respect to financing your buy-in, there are several loan types that are available. In working with many dentists trying to secure dental practice loans, we have found that many do not understand the difference between a small business associate loan (SBA) and a traditional small business bank loan.

  • With a typical bank loan, you and your assets serve as collateral. Most banks try to secure as much as they can in their investment which can include your personal assets. In some cases, it has become increasingly difficult for associates to get unsecured loans. Many times, these types of loans come with a higher interest rate and are riskier for the borrower.
  • Alternatively, an SBA facilitated loan is a less risky option. With an SBA loan, the government guarantees a certain percentage of the defaulted loan if the lender is unable to pay. The goal of most SBA loans is to increase lending to start-up businesses and ultimately boost the economy.

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